Helen Brooks, Nurse Practitioner and Volunteer Healthcare Worker In Kenya

We are extremely proud to have sponsored Helen in her recent trip to Kenya, where she worked as a volunteer health worker, giving her time for free to the Muhaka community. Helen tells us what motivated her to undertake this trip and describes her recent experience working with other amazing volunteers on this project.

‘I hoped I would be able to apply my nursing skills in an unusual and challenging environment, and saw it as a chance to give some help to people in need. I also hoped I would learn about a different culture, and gain knowledge from the local Nurses and Doctors. Many people in rural Kenya are living below the poverty line and access to proper healthcare is often limited or non-existent. The Muhaka community in Southern Kenya has a couple of local hospitals and dispensaries but facilities are very poor and they do not have enough equipment or expertise to treat many people.

It is not uncommon for women to walk many miles with a sick or injured child in order to reach a decent medical facility. This situation has led to many children living in unsanitary conditions. A lack of personal health education further compounds this problem, leading to a high number of young children suffering from malnutrition, and preventable diseases.

My lasting memory of the trip is of the patience, resilience and cheerfulness of the children. They were so grateful to be seen that they would wait for hours, without a word of complaint. I feel privileged to have worked with the patients and staff of the Muhaka community, and would love to go again.’

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