Update on Covid Vaccination Programme

We are excited to be starting the vaccination to protect patients from early January 2021 from Covid-19 – This has been an amazing effort from all those involved in getting us ready to roll out the vaccine.

Each of the GP practice sites will vaccinate patients from across a number of neighbouring practices – not just those on their own surgery list. Due to covering a large geographical area across the 9 GP Practices involved in our Primary Care Network and due to a lack of stability with the current Pfizer vaccine, we are not able to deliver vaccines from Attleborough Surgeries, but will be working with colleagues delivering a vaccination programme from Poringland.

People in the ‘at risk’ priority groups will be contacted to make an appointment no matter which practice they are registered with.

Those in at risk groups (80+, care home workers and a small number of frontline NHS staff) will be contacted with an appointment – Please be patient and wait until you are contacted – do not phone your GP practice or local hospital.

This will be a marathon not a sprint – the vaccination programme will take several months.

Getting vaccinated requires two doses. You need both doses to get full protection – around three weeks apart – it’s really important to attend both appointments.

The vaccine is safe and will protect you from getting sick but even after being vaccinated you will still be able to infect others so everyone will have to follow the face/mask, distance and hand washing advice for a long time to come.